Wednesday, 10 April 2013

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BOBBATRIX • Habbo Credits Hack, Item Generator, Dice Rigger

We’ve all seen the rooms piled up with ridiculous amounts of items and rare treasures. The impressive collections of limited time items, and super valuable pieces.
But do you ever stop to wonder where all of this treasure is coming from? Especially when their rooms are siting empty most of the time with no gold coming in at all!
The answer is BOBBATRIX, and I’m about to show you how easy it is to use, and prove to you that it works. The
first thing that you’ll need to do it attach BOBBATRIX to the game client. There’s a button at the top of the
program that will allow you to do this.
You can also access help, and check for updates to see if you’re
running the latest version of BOBBATRIX.
Now that BOBBATRIX is attached we’re ready to start generating gold bars, rare items, and rigging dice sets.
But first to prove to you that this isn’t just some Photoshop job or a private server I’m going to go ahead
and pull up the navigator. As you can see all of the standard rooms are there as expected, the user rooms are
filled to the top with the typical player base, and the promoted rooms are all there too.
Now lets go ahead and do the first thing everybody wants to see and generate some beautiful gold bars. It’s as easy as clicking the “Generate Gold Bars” button and BOBBATRIX starts tinkering away, locating a free slot and modifying the hex code in order to generate a brand new gold bar.
You can generate as many gold bars as you want and BOBBATRIX will automatically stack them up for you.
Lets go ahead and generate ourselves one more gold bar to work with. As you can see BOBBATRIX has stacked up two gold bars now ready to be placed in the room and broken down into individual coins. You can trade your unlimited supply of gold bars to others, use them to but stuff on the marketplace, of just use them to decorate your room.
Now that we’ve taken a look at creating gold bars lets see how BOBBATRIX handles generating other items, like
say, a Jukebox.
All you have to do is type in the name of the item exactly as it appears in game and press the
“Generate Item” button.
BOBBATRIX will start tinkering away like before and place the item in your inventory to
use. While you can technically create gold bars with the “Generate Item” button, the “Generate Gold Bar” button
provides a convenient shortcut and it generates a little bit quicker.Just like the gold bars you can trade and use your generated items however you like.
The last feature of BOBBATRIX is easily one of the most powerful tools in the program. Just by typing in a
players name and pressing the r”Rig 13″ button BOBBATRIX will locate the player and ensure that the next set of
dice they roll adds up to a 12 or a 13.
To prove this tool works I’ve used it in one of the most popular casinos in the game. We’ve entered the name
of the player at the bottom of the screen in blue, and pressed the “Rig 13″ button. Watch as the dealer rolls
the players hand and notice how BOBBATRIX ensures that it lands on a 13. The dealer then rolls her own hand,
she gets a 12, looses the game, and pays the player her winnings. In the excitement of the victory the masked
player decides to rick her winnings and roll again. Lets use BOBBATRIX to rig the die one more time and ensure
the player rolls a 12 or a 13.
If you’re interested in using BOBBATRIX a link can be found below this video to download the program. However,
in order to maintain the strength and longevity of this program the amount of downloads available has been
limited. If you’ve found this video too late and there’re no more copies of BOBBATRIX available keep checking
back. More downloads will be made available as the user base thins out.
This makes BOBBATRIX a coveted tool used only by the elite few. I’ve just proven to you the power BOBBATRIX has to make the elite and the wealthy overnight. Make sure to get your copy of BOBBATRIX while they’re still available!


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